pineapple express

we’ve had mild weather for the last few days, so mild, that all traces of winter have disappeared. it’s 7 a.m. and 11 degrees, about the same as a june morning.
i suppose it is natures nudge that i should tidy the greenhouse and ready things for seeding in 2 or 3 weeks. i also need to tear down the chicken coop and run, i sold the chickens (another post soon)! and prepare a new garden. my plan is to put some peas in for the first year, where the chickens once roamed, it should give the ground a good start as a new garden.

my goldfish are doing just fine…it seems i’ve only lost one since last year and that was to a pesky raccoon. i’m amazed at how quickly they come out of their dormancy, once the air temperature reaches 5 or more degrees, there is always the odd swimmer exploring the pond.

the raised beds need turning and the forecast is for sunny days next week…ah, it feels good to get back to the garden, even if only for a few days before the next frost or snow!

tropical weather and gifts that delight


transplanting peppers

the weather has been decidedly warm resulting in an earlier harvest of some things and prolific growth with all of the vegetables…some good others not so much!

i’m finding quite a few items going to seed, turnip, lettuce, radish and particularly the broccoli, so much so that i have done a replant.

the most adversely affected have been my peppers.  i’ve used the « square foot » gardening method and find, in general, that it is too dense and plants get overgrown by the more vigorous growers. this has resulted in too little sunshine and some leggy pants.  this morning was d day and i dug up all the peppers affected (after giving them a good soak) and moved them to a new plot.  with luck they will thrive and produce in time for the fall harvest.


planted new cucumbers hoping that the weather will warm up soon.  my basil is at a literal standstill with no sign of movement…i’ve given up on covering them any longer. only the cool weather veggies and root veggies are producing so far.

have learned my lesson with garlic…should always read more!  i’ll replant in fall which seems to be the more ideal time for a crop the following year.  my sad batch can’t seem to figure out if they should grow or curl up.

ever-bearing strawberries have finally established themselves, however it’s a battle with the blue jays as to who will get the lions share….so far blue jays lead!


we’ve had two days of glorious sunshine and yesterday’s torrential rain/snow/hail/rain that lasted the entire day. this morning, wednesday , march 21 is awesome. the mountains are white and the sky is blue!

yesterday i bought my first pair of gum boots at canyon cable (chainsaws etc). these are the first pair i’ve owned since i was 10 or so. these are not your average boots though – they are industrial strength and will last me many years. i’ve also picked up the wood to build my raised vegetable beds and 2 lbs of wood screws – next step…read the instructions for my new radial arm saw i received for my birthday.