this morning in the garden…

we’re ahead of schedule with almost everything. the fennel has overgrown and new seedling are planted, beets and greens ready for canning and soon the tomatoes. this morning we picked 5 kilo of tomatoes and figure we’ll have about 35 or 40 kilo by the time we’re done. I’ve pulled all the second batch of onions and all the garlic for drying, also digging up potatoes as needed. a second crop of green and yellow bush bean went in a few days back as we harvest the bounty of the first crop. peppers, cucumbers and zucchini are overflowing….how to get it all dried, canned or frozen in time! my turnips are ready and a second crop planted as is another crop of beets. remarkable what a handful of seeds will produce.

beans garlic onion pot tom5


first harvest, 2014

grillgrilled veggies tonight!  this is the first significant harvest for 2014 which is shaping up as a very bountiful year.  this picking includes: green onions, spanish onion, fennel, beets, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, kohlrabi and turnip.  i’ll season some and others just a soak in olive oil to keep their unique flavour on top.  my partner is preparing beef stuffed with garlic (also from the garden) for the rotisserie. early this morning he was busy picking raspberries for desert.  life is good!

it’s all in!

i’ve not updated for a while…too busy and a bit of procrastination. all we need now is lots of sun, a little rain and ongoing conversation with the plants, the birds and max.

  • 24 vine tomato plants
  • 40 bell pepper plants
  • 2 zucchini
  • 8 cucumber
  • 120 onion (white storage)
  • 50 red onion
  • rotating supply of green onions
  • 50 leeks
  • 50 garlic
  • 100 kidney bean
  • 50 yellow string bean
  • 80 green string bean
  • 8 each of broccoli, white and red cabbage, cauliflower
  • 1 brussel sprout*
  • 24 each of turnip, kale, kohlrabi
  • 50 beets (cylinder and round)**
  • 15 each of red (pei) and yukon gold
  • 20 pole beans
  • 40 borlotti italian beans
  • 20 feet of fava bean
  • 40 feet of peas
  • too many carrots
  • repeated plantings of greens and radish


currently harvesting: lettuce, broccoli, radish, green onion, herbs, rhubarb and strawberries.

* until my partner learns to love the little buggers, it’s year by year – recipe by recipe till we hit just the right taste;(

** most gardner’s in hope are having problems with beets, either slow growth or mottled brown patches on leaves.  some of mine have barely budged in a couple of weeks.

things are growing – inside and out

lots of growth
growing fast….

this is my first year of starting plants from seed. about 95% of all the vegetables, some herbs and a few perennials were started indoors using grow lights.  my only failure (so far) has been the « copra » onions.   of a hundred seeds planted only 3 came up’!   i’ve had great success with tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini (huge already) and peppers, all still indoors or in the cold-frame.  several lettuce are up and now in pots or the garden.

of the herbs, i have 50 lavender, a dozen bergamot, basil and some summer savory,  all of them thriving.

seeds sown directly in the garden have all sprouted: radish, beets, turnip, bok choi, spring onions and of course the fava beans and peas.

carrots and a second sowing of beets, radish and lettuce went in on wednesday april 24.

about the onions…i broke down and bought set of both red and white – all of them up at various stages.

pepper salad
pepper salad
max approves
max approves
strawberry blossoms
strawberry blossoms

horse poop…

spent last saturday attending 2 seminars at minter gardens.  one on vegetables  and one on herbs.  regrettably the herb folks were not great presenters and had trouble staying on topic.  the veggie one was great and i have about 5 pages of  notes to reference.  while in chillliwack i picked up 2 great composters from the local recycle operation – half the price of retail outlets!  i also picked up a trailer load of rotted horse manure from a young family who have a thing for horses.  i’m going back for a second load and will take along a bottle of wine as they don’t charge for it.