…what an odd word that is.  it feels strange to say it and even stranger to understand all the implications associated with it.  going to work this morning was a bit surreal and bitter-sweet. i took my dog max along and am happy i did.  he was a great distraction for me and the folks in the office – he could not have been any better behaved or cuter!

transferred my work possession to sweet, sweet daphne, so emotionally attached to all of us and has enough tears for everyone. xxoo

i wanted the goodbye to be quick and was out of there by 10.  thanks for the hugs, best wishes and smiles.  i’ll miss work and the people for a while.  good luck to all and thanks.  cheers.  s


today was my second to last day at work….

today there was a celebration for my pending retirement, it was fabulous! the commentary was fun, we had a potluck that would have fed another 100 or so and the most eclectic mix of food…delicious. i was touched by the folks there and words spoken, it was far more enjoyable that i could have anticipated.