it has been a number or years since we last tried to can anything; so cross your fingers.

using small yellow plums from our neighbours and blueberries bought on the cheap from a local farmer we charged ahead starting early this morning…it’s now  11:30 a.m. and we’re done!

to beat the heat we used an outside burner which quickly heated up the canner and helped keep the house somewhat cooler.  it is now 26 C outside and getting hotter so glad to be back indoors.

canning is a messier process than i remembered  but the smells were awesome.  using 2 kilo of plums and 2 litre of blueberries we ended  up with 3 jars of each and some foam and plum left over to pour over ice cream tonight.   we used no sugar pectin…but added a 1.5 cups of sugar to each batch to add a bit more sweetness.   the jars are sitting in the shade and will stay there for 24 hours before going onto the shelf.

p.s. my one oversight was failing to stir the jar to remove air before sealing.  what are the risks of missing this step?

viola ready plum-blueberry canner