more raised bed and other changes

during january and february i expanded the garden, adding new fence sections, which required  a new flower bed to park all the transplants.

poor max! he has less space to play.   there are now 13 raised bed or about about 37 square metres of space. in february 1 planted 12 metres of peas, alas it was not  good timing and have replanted due to a hard frost shortly after seeding and an unexpected dump of snow.

asparagus! i’ve built a new bed outside of the main garden  2.5 metre x 1 metre laired with several inches of manure for a foundation.

my great score of blueberries has been planted along with gooseberry bushes and the honeysuckle.

redofence redo now



a day of r and r

not much happened today as i’m determined to take a break from the camera and we are both in need of some down time. it has been pretty exhausting as the paris museum pass requires that you use it on consecutive days. as you can imagine 6 days of major museums is a lot of leg work, head work and navigating. all of it interesting and enjoyable though.

being monday it was laundry day and study day for me as i have class tonight; only three classes left to do. grocery shopping for rick.

otherwise, we didn’t leave the apartment until after lunch and then only to go the gare de lyon to arrange our reservations for a day trip to nimes on thursday and our travel arrangements to germany next week. our stay in paris is almost over and it feels like we just arrived. on the way home rick went ahead while i made a small side trip to the disney store on champs elysees to grab two passes for tuesday’s outing to disneyland paris (you gotta keep peter pan happy – aka rick).

the french class is great fun as the instructor, jean, likes to have us role play and uses a lot of novel approaches to make it sink in. that’s it for today.

bon soir.

tauromachie – to go or not – that is the question?

where is the time going? almost august and not much left to do in the way of planning. insured for the trip…it sucks to be 60 (insurance wise that is) i’m fitter than most and yet for a change of one year my rate more than doubled. the sim card for europe arrived from telestial it even offers toll free calling from canada to europe (the bill ends up on my phone…so don’t bother, we’ll call you). set up on my new laptop with ubuntu and windows xp pro.

we’ve discovered the chance to go to a bullfight in nimes when we are there…do we go? unfortunately all the dates have a killing and i’m not sure either of us have the stomach for it. yet, it would be unique experience never having seen a live bullfight and all the colour and ritual associated with it…and the matadors of course!

i’ve used great restraint and will not bring the suitcases upstairs until august:)


its been a few days since my last entry…didn’t want to bore anyone. must say that instinct is a good thing! i had planned to hold off for at least another month before buying eurail passes but economics 101 kicked in – and couple of weeks back and i took the plunge and paid up; thank the gods for that. 3 days later up went the price; those trains may run on electricity but the juice comes from oil.

on another front, knowing everyone will want to following along with the two of us, i finally settled on a used laptop to take along (the accountant is not happy). yeah ebay, i bought a refurbished 14 inch ibm thinkpad t41 1.6/2gb ram/40/cdrw/dvd/xpp/WiFi for less than you’d think. canada post sez it’s on the way.

that’s all folks. ya gotta start voting for my cropped up images.

first post

so i start here? Hmmm. where’s ritchie when i need him!

this short lived blog will cover my anal attempts to map, plan, organize and manage our upcoming trip.

before i go further – you gotta know i believe in all things google cuz it makes my life so much easier and i have no talent to build stuff like this myself.

to date we’ve got our air tickets, hotel reservations and an apartment in paris. zoom is our choice for budget and comfort – we can make-believe we’re in first class for a tenth of the price.

already the euro has bitt us in the ass, now i’m holding off to see if the loonie will fly or sink some more before buying eurail pass