spring planting

will it or will it not…stay this warm for another month? a big question as i’ve planted some cool weather crops: potatoes (red pontiac and yukon gold,) onions sets, peas and some lettuce in the greenhouse. i’ve also stuck some chard seeds in the ground, hoping for the best.

indoors, under lights, i have a robust crop of bush tomatoes, peppers, parsnips and cress with some lettuce. if the weather holds i’ll be able to move them to the greenhouse in early april.

last years planting of garlic is looking good, however the leaf tips are yellow and i’m not sure what the cause is.

the rest of the veggie garden has been dug over but i’ll do one more dig to work last falls mulch in a little deeper before planting more seeds.

as for the flower beds…a bit of weeding and a lot of anticipation as to what did or did not survive the ice storm. right now my lavendar and sage plants are looking the worse for wear. the tulips are in full leaf and the daffodils are coming into bloom.


picking peas

it took me about two hours to clear out the pea patch this morning.  it took two of us three hours to shell them all!  we got just over 3 1/4 kilos of peas, more than enough to take us well into the fall or even winter.  i’ll likely plant a small second crop in august to harvest in the fall.

tomorrow the fava  bean come in and none too soon.  they are being attacked by black aphids in the zillions.  i hose the little buggers off but they seem to climb right back up.

sorry for the poor photo…always take of  glasses before focusing;)

a cool day in june

we’ve had a good downpour in the past two days and a thunder-storm to scare the pants of …or at least terrify max into a quivering fur ball.  that said,  the garden is displaying the rewards of a good rain.

i’m always amazed at the difference rain makes as opposed to watering with the hose.  everything bounces up overnight.

here are a few pictures of  peas zucchini and a single rose.

zuchini2 byanyothername peas soontobloom peas2 peas3