Mon petit chien

Frederique, my friend in Paris, has asked for some pictures of Max to show her maman. The latest picture is of Max getting a drink from the pond while it is frozen over…the first time he tried, he broke through the ice! Now it is several cm thick…he is much more cautious 🙂










holy crap, that was loud

we’ve been having thunder and lightning over the last few days.  tonight we had a humdinger, likely right above the house or pretty damn close.  it literally shook the building and us, we jumped and max ran for cover to the open cupboard under the sink, where he has stayed for the past hour.

hopefully it will pass in the next hour or so as we have guests, and tickets to the rcmp musical ride which is here in hope for two nights.

on a gardening note, a good thunder storm adds nitrogen to the soil due to a magical reaction with lightning and other elements.

my dog max

maximilien to be exact, he was my retirement gift to myself and has been worth every cent.  i got him from a small breeder in quincy washington.

max is a  miniature schnauzer, bred originally as ratters, in max’s case a chaser or crows, squirrels and anything else that moves…leaves, ants, shadows – well you get the picture.  he’s a talker and can get quite chatty so much that he gets a kind of lock-jaw trying to replicate, what we think might be human speak.

the reason he’s in my garden blog – well he’s a cultivator too, he likes to bury his smaller toys in my garden, so far no serious damage and always fun to discover, a furry rabbit, a toy soldier or what have you.  last year he dug out a beet and over a few days ate the whole thing.  he likes the odd carrot and while picking peas showed up regularly for a fresh pod.  of late he has decided to create a bed in the thyme, thankfully it is quite hardy and probably keeps the bugs off him.

as i said, worth every cent…full of unconditional love and gives me more laughs than i can tell you about.

yes, he owns the yard and is the boss!

leap year day

it’s my sisters anniversary today, we have no phone to call with (happy anniversary to both.) we spent the entire day unpacking and getting the bed set up. moving is hell! mixed weather but dry. max has escaped and no amount of coaxing will bring him back – he heads right for the river, his memory is remarkable. the walks with him are interesting as we discover the neighbourhood. a real mix of houses from small cottages to large modern homes. most of the yards are well-kept and nicely landscaped. my back is killing me-too many heavy boxes…maybe we should have let the movers place them in the appropriate rooms!

march 4

the fence is still a work in progress. It won’t be done before next weekend at the earliest. In desperation i have bought some long stakes and some wire mesh to put around the patio so max will have a outide space to bounce around in…and keep him out of the mud! Most of the pictures are up and dishes etc are in place. New jeans (40 inches!)

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