this morning in the garden…

we’re ahead of schedule with almost everything. the fennel has overgrown and new seedling are planted, beets and greens ready for canning and soon the tomatoes. this morning we picked 5 kilo of tomatoes and figure we’ll have about 35 or 40 kilo by the time we’re done. I’ve pulled all the second batch of onions and all the garlic for drying, also digging up potatoes as needed. a second crop of green and yellow bush bean went in a few days back as we harvest the bounty of the first crop. peppers, cucumbers and zucchini are overflowing….how to get it all dried, canned or frozen in time! my turnips are ready and a second crop planted as is another crop of beets. remarkable what a handful of seeds will produce.

beans garlic onion pot tom5


spring planting

will it or will it not…stay this warm for another month? a big question as i’ve planted some cool weather crops: potatoes (red pontiac and yukon gold,) onions sets, peas and some lettuce in the greenhouse. i’ve also stuck some chard seeds in the ground, hoping for the best.

indoors, under lights, i have a robust crop of bush tomatoes, peppers, parsnips and cress with some lettuce. if the weather holds i’ll be able to move them to the greenhouse in early april.

last years planting of garlic is looking good, however the leaf tips are yellow and i’m not sure what the cause is.

the rest of the veggie garden has been dug over but i’ll do one more dig to work last falls mulch in a little deeper before planting more seeds.

as for the flower beds…a bit of weeding and a lot of anticipation as to what did or did not survive the ice storm. right now my lavendar and sage plants are looking the worse for wear. the tulips are in full leaf and the daffodils are coming into bloom.


onions14 …and lots of them.  i pulled all the storage onions along with the few remaining spanish onions.  after letting them sit on top of the soil for a couple of days, i built a drying rack from salvaged 2×4’s and chicken wire.  later i’ll re-purpose the rack as a grazing frame for the chickens, so they’ll have a regular supply of greens and won’t be able to pull out the roots.

if anyone knows more about red onions and their growing habits i’d like to hear.  i planted the sets at the same time as the others, however they are no bigger than shallots.  they are firm and are great for roasting or chopping up into salads but far too small.

my garlic are dried and going into storage.

ye olde stinking rose….

today i dug up the 70 or 80 garlic bulbs after letting them dry out for a week or so.  i’ve hung them to cure for another week, or longer,  as we have a few showers on the way.   the air is definitely redolent with their sweet aroma.

on other fronts, the bush beans are ready, peas picked and frozen and my onions are only days away from harvesting.

we’ve been busy drying 18 kilo of cherries and will get 9 kilo of blueberries for freezing in 2 days.  we’re still picking about a litre or more of raspberries every second day with many days left to go.

stinking rose

still to come: carrots, tomatoes, leeks and celery.


fava beans and more…

today we harvested the fava beans before the sun got too hot!  after shelling we had almost 5 kilo of beans ready to blanch and freeze.  the garlic is in the dry down stage (no watering till the leaves are brown) we’ll pull it at the end of July as well as the spanish onions which are quite plump so early in the season.fava beans

we’re finding it hard to keep up with raspberries, picking a litre or more every second day. same for the carrots,  i planted three varieties of carrots! …what was i thinking?   more than we’ll ever consume.

most of the fennel has been picked and eaten, something that i will grow more of next year.  like the carrots, there is a bumper crop of  beets so we’ll be  busy preserving those soon. turnips and kohlrabi are a hit on the bbq  along with new potatoes (grown in barrels).

the tomatoes are starting to shape up and it looks like we’ll have a great first crop of bush beans: green and yellow. the hard storage onions will keep us all winter and more if i can keep them going. the only disappointment this year has been the peas and the red onions, both slow to start and poor overall growth – one small harvest of peas and another to come at the end of this week.   i will try a second planting of the peas in early august for a fall harvest.


garlic and other delicacies

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…basil, cucumbers, zucchini, dill…all the good stuff.

i pulled my garlic yesterday and gave a bunch away to neighbours.  i have about 20 left for us to use this year.  after last years attempt i am super satisfied with the results….fall planting is the only way to go!

my dill is as high as an elephants eye (no corn:) the zucchini is producing like mad, my cukes are delicious and the basil, oh my, such a wonder smell.

tomatoes are going wild, hard to keep on top over their tangled web with many tomatoes already well-formed.

i think this is the best site about garlic in canada or even further afield!

boundary garlic farm

now showing…

…many herbs: parsley, chives, mint and several others. the garlic i planted last fall is about 5cm tall and looks healthy. my neighbour is planting potatoes today but i will wait a few more weeks. the best news is my fig tree survived and has some nice buds already. indoors i’ve started my storage onions, tomatoes and peppers.


planted new cucumbers hoping that the weather will warm up soon.  my basil is at a literal standstill with no sign of movement…i’ve given up on covering them any longer. only the cool weather veggies and root veggies are producing so far.

have learned my lesson with garlic…should always read more!  i’ll replant in fall which seems to be the more ideal time for a crop the following year.  my sad batch can’t seem to figure out if they should grow or curl up.

ever-bearing strawberries have finally established themselves, however it’s a battle with the blue jays as to who will get the lions share….so far blue jays lead!