le jardin en juin

it’s been a while since my last post…

over the past two years i’ve been working on a new « step » garden down the north side of the drive, it’s not completed, but it has been planted and needs only the caps along the stone wall to finish it.

as you’ll see i was liberal with the poppy seeds that pop up all over my garden, front and back. i’ve spread the poppy and other seeds along forest edge adjacent to our property as well as any plants that need thinning out. june, and maybe july are the best month for colour here in Hope, i’m still trying to find late summer bloomers but not sure which will be best for our changing clime.

a few photos from the front and back flower gardens: https://flic.kr/s/aHskX2QSuH

pineapple express

we’ve had mild weather for the last few days, so mild, that all traces of winter have disappeared. it’s 7 a.m. and 11 degrees, about the same as a june morning.
i suppose it is natures nudge that i should tidy the greenhouse and ready things for seeding in 2 or 3 weeks. i also need to tear down the chicken coop and run, i sold the chickens (another post soon)! and prepare a new garden. my plan is to put some peas in for the first year, where the chickens once roamed, it should give the ground a good start as a new garden.

my goldfish are doing just fine…it seems i’ve only lost one since last year and that was to a pesky raccoon. i’m amazed at how quickly they come out of their dormancy, once the air temperature reaches 5 or more degrees, there is always the odd swimmer exploring the pond.

the raised beds need turning and the forecast is for sunny days next week…ah, it feels good to get back to the garden, even if only for a few days before the next frost or snow!

tropical weather and gifts that delight

mea culpa

yup, i’m a slacker at maintaining this blog!  a lot has happened in the garden and though not reluctant to share, i question the purpose and my ego in maintaining it.   if you follow, thanks, i’ll try and keep it a bit more current.

on a more interesting note these picture of a small flock of western tanagers at my pond’s waterfall make the project worthwhile.  about six of them spent 15 minutes drinking, preening and squabbling.

wt1 wt2 wt3 wt4 wt5

it’s all in!

i’ve not updated for a while…too busy and a bit of procrastination. all we need now is lots of sun, a little rain and ongoing conversation with the plants, the birds and max.

  • 24 vine tomato plants
  • 40 bell pepper plants
  • 2 zucchini
  • 8 cucumber
  • 120 onion (white storage)
  • 50 red onion
  • rotating supply of green onions
  • 50 leeks
  • 50 garlic
  • 100 kidney bean
  • 50 yellow string bean
  • 80 green string bean
  • 8 each of broccoli, white and red cabbage, cauliflower
  • 1 brussel sprout*
  • 24 each of turnip, kale, kohlrabi
  • 50 beets (cylinder and round)**
  • 15 each of red (pei) and yukon gold
  • 20 pole beans
  • 40 borlotti italian beans
  • 20 feet of fava bean
  • 40 feet of peas
  • too many carrots
  • repeated plantings of greens and radish


currently harvesting: lettuce, broccoli, radish, green onion, herbs, rhubarb and strawberries.

* until my partner learns to love the little buggers, it’s year by year – recipe by recipe till we hit just the right taste;(

** most gardner’s in hope are having problems with beets, either slow growth or mottled brown patches on leaves.  some of mine have barely budged in a couple of weeks.

more boxes

the north side of the house gets more than enough sun so i plan to add two 4 x 8 boxes for cool weather crops but first i must dig out the astilbe, hosta’s and ferns for inclusion in my « west coast » garden, now my sole ornamental garden.

a new tomato box adjacent to the chicken run (lots of sun). all going well i can have those built this week. then the innumerable trips to rosedale for yards of soil.

now for the rearranging of the other boxes. i moved one in the fall to accommodate a small lean-to greenhouse i will add in the spring along with an area for my compost bins.


yes, i’m getting serious about this garden stuff!  this morning, after taking max for his walk, i loaded up the trailer to scavenge leaf piles and old grass clippings  thrown on the side of the roads.  the leaves still have a way to go but the grass must have been there for a long time as it was almost completely composted.  i’ll have to go back for more!  i’ve started the two composters, much to rick’s relief as he has been saving egg shells, veggie  peels etc for about three weeks now. later today i may tackle my new saw and start the frames for the raised beds…gotta have someplace to put the compost when its done;)

in the beginning…

the building lot

…there was a beautiful lot and a small forest.

we were fortunate to find our perfect lot as it had yet to go on the market.  one of our builders was in the process of  buying it and we were lucky enough to be his first customer.

the lot had been owned for  by a japanese family, however it had lain dormant save for a small run down cottage located at the back for many year.  the family estate had only recently released it for sale.

the lot was covered with undergrowth and had a lush verdant look about it, particularly when seen next to the small coniferous forest immediately adjacent on the north side of the lot.  though above the flood plain, we were told the soil was rich sedimentary deposit from an earlier time.  our neighbour on the south side of the lot are an old italian couple who have planted their yard with fruit trees, grape vines and a large vegetable garden.  this is complemented with a small greenhouse and a chicken coup with 3 or 4 birds and an old dog who is anything but mean, contrary to the warning signs posted on the gate.

we first saw the lot on october 15, 2011.  we moved into our new home february 28, 2012!

my pad

here’s a look at my busy balcony garden…what will it look like in a few months? overgrown! the little water garden came about after i found the funky frog in chinatown earlier this year. i knew i could drill it and make a fountain from it. the bowl was pure luck as it was priced at over 200$ but i got it for 65$ because of a hairline crack! perfect! has a nice tinkle sound as the water runs down his belly (turn up the volume).