une promenade et une conversation

Une promenade dans le matin. Le mardi est le jour de marché, beaucoupe de les rues sont calme, mais près le marché des halles, c’est un histoire different. Il y a beacoup des tables avec les livres vielle, quelque peintures et photographie artistique, vetements, quelque vieille mais mais la plupart sont nouvelles, je pense que vous trouvez tout ce que tu veux.

Les Halles est un marché plus grande, ici vous pouvez trouve les produits de france. Je vu beaucoup de charcuterie, étals de frais légumes, fruits, olives, et fromage. Aujourd’hui j’ai acheté un peu de pâte et une quiche pour le déjeuner.   

Trop de photos de la vieille ville à poster maintenant. Cette ville pour moi est plus charmant, plus histoire ancien, plus beau, je pense que d’autres villes françaises. Je serai partage les images plus tard.

Cet après midi je vais à l’école ou j’ai un conversation française pendant deux heurs, sans anglais.  Depuis que j’arrive en france je crois que c’est possible que j’ai parle moins dix phrases en anglais.

un mois à Dijon et quelques jours à Paris

I’m not trying to impress, only to practice a little while taking an immersion course in Dijon, France.  If you speak/write french you will find many errors both with spelling and basic grammar.  I’m subscribing to a school of thought which advocates living and speaking the language as opposed to following the traditional grammatical rules, and does not require repetitive drills. The the main objective is to aquire enough skill to have an intelligent (not academic) conversation.  You can read about UCLA’s linguistic expert Stephen Krashen here Je suis désolé si vous trouvez beaucoupe des erreurs avec: l’orthographe, la conjugaison, la grammaire. C’est un exercice pour moi, Je m’essaie à apprendre le langue. Mais, vous êtes invités à suivre si vous le souhaitez. Pendant deux ou trois ans j’ai essaye a apprend la française. C’est difficile, leçons en ligne, beaucoup des livres, et nombreuse de YouTube vidéo. Mais, mon succès était minime.  Lorsque j’ai découvert les sites pour le échange de conversation chose améliore, un peu avec l’aide du mes nouveaux amis ! Maintenant je peux parler avec peuple en france et québec .  Quatre person habite en France au Paris, Lyon et La Rochelle, et un ami à Montréal (il est originate de france). Je parle avec chaque personne pendant une heure ou plus chaque semaine. 

slow day

not much to add for today.

rick is busy finishing the bio of marie antoinette and planning a visit back to the musee carnavalet. me, i spent the morning standing in line, first at a bank that doesn’t do cash! but does give me directions to the post office which does. all post office employees seem to have a particular skill at being both slow and obstreperous in such a way as to raise your blood pressure before you reach them. i won’t go into detail but the person i dealt with was particularly skilled.

picked up bread and some savory for lunch.

a quick visit to the galleries lafayette to do some shopping…to no avail, too hot to linger about, the store is huge and has a fantastic dome (i’ll get pictures). off in search of les toilettes…this time an honest to god crapper with a door and free to boot! i’m definitely over any bashful kidney anxieties, the other day i had my shoes washed by the cleaning lady while i was still taking a leak 🙂

picked up a few odd items while strolling through parts of the left bank, a little contemplation in a gorgeous old church (saint-séverin) then back home to make supper.

supper: omelette and a fantastic tasting potatoes and cheese concoction i picked up at the fromagerie next door. it looks like a huge gallette while it is being cooked in an incredibly large pan which is a least a metre across. the pot is out on the sidewalk and everyone walking buy gets a look and free smells (great sales pitch) it consists of sliced potatoes, creme fraiche, garlic, and a cheese, i did not get the name of the cheese. you ask for the amount you want which is ladled with a spatula into a small wooden box to take home. a fresh baguette and a decadent desert from the pâtisserie…and wine too.

p.s. i left the apartment key in the door and ended up locking myself out of our building which requires two sets of codes to get in if you don’t have a key. i stood patiently on the street until a woman and her kids came home before i could get in.

bon soir.

ride'em cowboy

it was another slow day for us, conserving our energy so we can keep the colds at bay. laundry and homework…what a way to start the day. no interruptions though so got most of it done.

we made a trip to the trocadero (the wanna be rome, cum fascist block building or modified caesar imperialism). it’s still a magnificent site with its towering structure, brooding statues and cascades of waterfalls (mostly turned off) and the view! wow what a view! we were so impressed we’re going back tonight after my class to see the eiffel tower all lit up, close and personal. from the trocadero it feels like it is on top of you, quite different from when you are on the champs de mars. we’ll probably take a late night ride to the top.

after another quick trip on our favourite bus 69 and a walk through the garment district (or what we think it was) all along the rue chemin vert and side streets are tons of small stores all with import export and what appeared to be exclusively asian operators with buyers going in and out with large bags of goods. i was out looking for an affordable sports coats…still looking. hopped on the 69 again, the cheapest tour bus in paris, we stopped in at the louvre to buy our 6 day museum pass. we are so fortunate to be able to do this as most visitors only have a week or two. believe me it is nearly impossible to do paris and the musuems and do either justice. we both selected a different mix of museums, not always going in the same direction so we’ll catch up with each other at the end of the day.

tomorrow we both go to versailles, it should be awesome as we did not get a chance last time. i’m not sure what i’m looking forward to more, the rooms of the palace or riding a bike through the park and gardens…go figure.

did i mention my ride on the carousel? they are everywhere and always enchant me…thus so many pictures of them. the ride was quite fun and i was the only rider…ya-hooo 🙂