chanterelle mushrooms

we have the best neighbours!

aside from the many lessons and food gifts we get, our neighbour tony and wife dora are too generous by far.

we ate the last of the pine mushrooms we got from them this morning, in an omelette.  just in time to dry sauté the large bag of chanterelles they gave us yesterday!  i love the nutty smell as they release and reabsorb the moisture they hold….mmmmm.  after sautéing them for about 10 minutes i chop them finer and portion them for freezing.  we’ll use them up by early next spring.

with thanks to good neighbours.

chanterelle mushrooms
a kilo of fresh chanterelles
it takes two to start
it takes two to start
chanterelles being sautéed
so good…mmm
chanterelles chopped
chopped ready to portion
chanterelles portioned to freeze

feels so good…

gardening has been a fantastic experience for my first year…still a while to go too.  tonight we are having sautéed broad beans with bacon and onions thanks to our next door neighbours Tony and Dora with homemade bread thanks to my partner to be followed by fresh (early) apple pie from another neighbour Lois and Ed.  All passed over the garden fences.  yesterday i gave beets to the  neighbour behind us so they could make borscht with their mom and lettuce and carrots to Rick across the street.  With tonight’s dinner we will be drinking home made merlot from yet another neighbour two houses down from us Randy and Cheryl.   Gotta love living in small town b.c.   we sure picked the right spot to build our house on.  call me happy;)

p.s. i bought a fishing rod and hope to have fresh salmon before the season ends…only a block from the back door.