an attempt at an arty shot of my dill, following last night’s rain. the plants are almost 2 metres tall and a magnificent sight in  large pot.

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garlic and other delicacies

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…basil, cucumbers, zucchini, dill…all the good stuff.

i pulled my garlic yesterday and gave a bunch away to neighbours.  i have about 20 left for us to use this year.  after last years attempt i am super satisfied with the results….fall planting is the only way to go!

my dill is as high as an elephants eye (no corn:) the zucchini is producing like mad, my cukes are delicious and the basil, oh my, such a wonder smell.

tomatoes are going wild, hard to keep on top over their tangled web with many tomatoes already well-formed.

i think this is the best site about garlic in canada or even further afield!

boundary garlic farm