puffed up

thanks for all the input wordpress and facebook users.  i have an abundance of these attractive spotted towhees that are unique to the pacific northwest (according to sibley).

these beauties bounce around in the undergrowth that borders the yard.  they are not shy and welcome the seeds, particularly the nyjer from the feeders.


yellow bird

it’s been a while since i took any shots of birds…just too busy i suppose.  more likely though, i’m never ready with my camera when the opportunity arises.

there seems to be a change in species visiting the yard over the last week, including the return of the hummers.  what i notice most, but do not see are the wide array of new songs in the air.

this yellow beauty, in my neighbours tree about 15 metres from my back door.

the secret garden…

…on the edge of my yard lies another garden, uninhibited by rules, full of surprises and the odd unwanted intruder.

i’m fortunate to have a small forest on the north side of my yard, it provides an array of beautiful things: birds, deciduous and confer trees, fruit (wild cherries and berries), children playing and an abundance of ever-changing and colourful flowers.

the small video clip taken today includes mullein, daisy, clover, remnants of lupines and others i can’t identify. still to bloom are the thistles and yarrow (odd how nature has a great sense of colour balance!) what else? there is more to come i’m sure.

video – 39 sec.

p.s. the bird songs are a daily event…starting around 04:00:)