unique bird house

recently i posted on my facebook page about the generosity of neighbours. this has been an ongoing theme for us since moving to hope, three years ago this month. Randy, a local carver has been exceptionally generous. in the last two weeks an early easter bunny arrived mysteriously on the doorstep; he’s since migrated to the pond, but is still looking for a permanent home. yesterday, i asked a favour, looking for a small round of wood to add to a birdhouse i was working on….a few hours later i got my round, and a whole lot more! i think I’m safe in saying i may have one of the most unique birdhouses anywhere.

all i had to do was cut the opening in the mouth and assemble the pieces!








mea culpa

yup, i’m a slacker at maintaining this blog!  a lot has happened in the garden and though not reluctant to share, i question the purpose and my ego in maintaining it.   if you follow, thanks, i’ll try and keep it a bit more current.

on a more interesting note these picture of a small flock of western tanagers at my pond’s waterfall make the project worthwhile.  about six of them spent 15 minutes drinking, preening and squabbling.

wt1 wt2 wt3 wt4 wt5

puffed up

thanks for all the input wordpress and facebook users.  i have an abundance of these attractive spotted towhees that are unique to the pacific northwest (according to sibley).

these beauties bounce around in the undergrowth that borders the yard.  they are not shy and welcome the seeds, particularly the nyjer from the feeders.

yellow bird

it’s been a while since i took any shots of birds…just too busy i suppose.  more likely though, i’m never ready with my camera when the opportunity arises.

there seems to be a change in species visiting the yard over the last week, including the return of the hummers.  what i notice most, but do not see are the wide array of new songs in the air.

this yellow beauty, in my neighbours tree about 15 metres from my back door.

steller’s jay

blue jaysteller’s jay – the familiar blue jay found in most of british columbia with the exception of the north-east corner of the province. the most colourful of spring arrivals,  though late to my yard, they have been hopping about for the past two days…apparently done with my neighbours more abundant yard where they have been visiting in considerable numbers for several weeks.  interestingly i was curious as to the reason my pine cone feeder had shrunken in size until this morning when i saw the jay pecking away at it.

damn starlings!

damn starlingi know i should be kind to all of nature’s creatures…but i’ve had enough of the glutenous, annoying and  shrill starlings   they will dominate any food i put out, scaring smaller birds away.  i’ve taken to hanging chicken wire around food with limited success to discourage them…they are the raccoons of the air…and seem to find a way to get at the food regardless.  damn!!

mourning dove

md2we have many mourning? dove in the area…coo cooing until the fall. they have a light grey creamy colour and appear to have a hint of blue? on the top side of the tail during flight. they are very slender. i hope to get a better shot before the season is over.

bird feeder

feederi built my first bird feeder at the end of february…for free! today, march 2, the first birds arrived to feast. the feeder hangs only a metre away from the kitchen window about 3 metres above the ground.

using a 2 litre juice bottle (costco cranberry) i cut two slight ovals at the lower end of the bottle, one on each side. using a 30cm bamboo stakes i drilled a 6mm hole and ran the bamboo through to create a perch for each feeding slot. to hang the feeder i drilled another 6mm hole in the lid sliding the hook from an old hanging basket through then slid a plastic plant saucer as a rain cover. i strung the complete feeder with thin wire from the eave.

next a bird house or two!

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