I love leeks, the mildest of the onions, in my opinion and so versatile from quiche to soup and all sorts of good tastes in between.

it is a little early for pulling up the leeks, but necessary as the leaves are browning off. perhaps the hot weather or the soil is lacking (i hope not). also, they have been putting up seed heads (scapes)  for the past few weeks, something i did not get last year.

after pulling them, disappointment was my first though, very thin and some with very woody stems…oh well, into the soup!

i could cut them up and freeze, my normal routine, however, with the dehydrator we can store so much more in small spaces. if you’ve not used leeks before, remember to fan out the leek and wash inside to get rid of dirt and sand!

my favourite use is: leek and potato soup…mmmmm good!

scrawneyleeks leekscape leeksbefore birdlure2 birdlure bananapep


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