my dog max

maximilien to be exact, he was my retirement gift to myself and has been worth every cent.  i got him from a small breeder in quincy washington.

max is a  miniature schnauzer, bred originally as ratters, in max’s case a chaser or crows, squirrels and anything else that moves…leaves, ants, shadows – well you get the picture.  he’s a talker and can get quite chatty so much that he gets a kind of lock-jaw trying to replicate, what we think might be human speak.

the reason he’s in my garden blog – well he’s a cultivator too, he likes to bury his smaller toys in my garden, so far no serious damage and always fun to discover, a furry rabbit, a toy soldier or what have you.  last year he dug out a beet and over a few days ate the whole thing.  he likes the odd carrot and while picking peas showed up regularly for a fresh pod.  of late he has decided to create a bed in the thyme, thankfully it is quite hardy and probably keeps the bugs off him.

as i said, worth every cent…full of unconditional love and gives me more laughs than i can tell you about.

yes, he owns the yard and is the boss!


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