things are growing – inside and out

lots of growth
growing fast….

this is my first year of starting plants from seed. about 95% of all the vegetables, some herbs and a few perennials were started indoors using grow lights.  my only failure (so far) has been the “copra” onions.   of a hundred seeds planted only 3 came up’!   i’ve had great success with tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini (huge already) and peppers, all still indoors or in the cold-frame.  several lettuce are up and now in pots or the garden.

of the herbs, i have 50 lavender, a dozen bergamot, basil and some summer savory,  all of them thriving.

seeds sown directly in the garden have all sprouted: radish, beets, turnip, bok choi, spring onions and of course the fava beans and peas.

carrots and a second sowing of beets, radish and lettuce went in on wednesday april 24.

about the onions…i broke down and bought set of both red and white – all of them up at various stages.

pepper salad
pepper salad
max approves
max approves
strawberry blossoms
strawberry blossoms

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