more boxes

the north side of the house gets more than enough sun so i plan to add two 4 x 8 boxes for cool weather crops but first i must dig out the astilbe, hosta’s and ferns for inclusion in my « west coast » garden, now my sole ornamental garden.

a new tomato box adjacent to the chicken run (lots of sun). all going well i can have those built this week. then the innumerable trips to rosedale for yards of soil.

now for the rearranging of the other boxes. i moved one in the fall to accommodate a small lean-to greenhouse i will add in the spring along with an area for my compost bins.

8 commentaires sur « more boxes »

  1. Do you know if Hope allows backyard bee keeping? I’ve tried to contact the City, but no answer yet. I love your garden boxes and agree that spring can’t come soon enough!


  2. sorry folks, one of the likes on this post is an « adult content spam » i have reported but do not expect a fix. WP sez only option is to turn off like!


    1. Thanks April. Yes, I saw those at Minter’s. Alas, you can’t keep honey bees or chickens or rabbits etc in Hope.
      I only learned this a week or so ago. Too bad:(


      1. I wonder if Mason Bees would be different than keeping honey bees? I’ve never heard of mason bees until April mentioned it, so maybe there’s a loophole in there somewhere.


      2. Libby,
        Yes mason bees are fine, they are small pollinators but don’t make honey. I was at Brian Minter’s recently, they sell all sort of accessories for mason bees: houses, tubes etc.

        As for honey bees, I will look and ask around town if anyone is keeping them. Since moving here a year ago to day, I have seen many places that keep chickens, one place had the running freely in the front yard! The general impression of Hope, in this regard, is laid back. Rules but no one seems to take it all too seriously. That said, I am going to pursue permission on a more formal basis….so many communities are adopting chickens etc in urban areas.


  3. Hi again, just started following your blog posts and have a couple of specific questions for you. Would it be possible to email you?



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