jones lake aka wahleach lake

we took the afternoon to relax and explore more of the hope area.   so glad i have a beater pickup…it was a challenging road to say the least!  9 km up..UP being the operative word, a series of switchbacks and potholes slightly less deep than the grand canyon and thousands of them…hard to miss.  that said, what a fantastic drive and so close to home.  jones lake is a bc hydro reservoir in the most spectacular of settings, with boat launch and campsites that outdo most provincial  parks…spectacular.  the scene reminded me more of jasper than southern b.c.

be warned! not a road for your beamer! good breaks and strong nerves are an asset.

i rescued some stumps and logs when we got to the lake and picked up a few flat stones along the way for a new garden area – my “next year” project to create a west coast garden.  nice way to end the day.


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