alexandra bridge

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…catching up on some missed posts!  the previous week, we drove up the canyon to visit the old alexandra bridge provincial park again.  a beautiful old suspension bridge dating back to the 20’s.  it has never been busy and is always peacefully quiet when we’ve been there.  it is a gentle walk down a wide trail crossing the cp rail tracks and down the old highway, long overgrown with foliage, moss and ferns.  walking across the bridge is ethereal, with incredible views of the river canyon in both directions and straight down! the surface is a lattice grid (not good for pets…we had to carry max) which allows you to see the swirling waters below.  we tried to follow the old road on the opposite side but soon encountered a washout from a creek, creating its own canyon.  a nice half hour to hour segue on your journey.  beautiful!

some links i found: youtube , vanishing bc


One thought on “alexandra bridge

  1. Hello

    My wife and I are considering moving to Hope in the summer of 2013. We are in our 30’s and wondering if perhaps you would be able to give us the “inside scoop” on living in Hope. We work from home so employment isn’t a concern to us, just the general, friendliness and cleanliness kinda deal! Thanks in advance and I’ll continue to read the blog!

    Ken Davidson


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