dig, dig, dig…the whole day through…

can’t stand still…the leaves are turning quickly to autumn colours and the weather along with them.  it’s cooler now and easier to do some of the sweaty stuff,  like digging!  i’m expanding a long garden along the east side.  i plan to have corn and potatoes in the space. i had little luck this year with the spuds, too small an area and not enough sun (maybe 2 kilos of potatoes.) when done (another 3 metres to go, i’ll have a garden 10 metres  x 2 metres. less lawn to cut! i’ve also added two herb beds at the north end, one is already thriving (mid summer transplant success)

i have plans to move all my raised bed for next year…so i can add a small lean-to greenhouse to my shed.  i’m also adding a couple of extra beds in what has turned out to be an under used space, the dog run, (he runs wherever he wants:) this should give me two 4×8 foot beds and a smaller 4×4 foot bed for asparagus

who knew!  gardening is so satisfying…in so many ways.




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