yes, i’m getting serious about this garden stuff!  this morning, after taking max for his walk, i loaded up the trailer to scavenge leaf piles and old grass clippings  thrown on the side of the roads.  the leaves still have a way to go but the grass must have been there for a long time as it was almost completely composted.  i’ll have to go back for more!  i’ve started the two composters, much to rick’s relief as he has been saving egg shells, veggie  peels etc for about three weeks now. later today i may tackle my new saw and start the frames for the raised beds…gotta have someplace to put the compost when its done;)


One thought on “composting

  1. Sounds fantastic Stan, I’m envious. I can’t wait to see your garden – perhaps you’ll offer tours, like at Minter… 🙂


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