moved in

we left our hotel rental early tuesday morning to wait for the movers at the storage location. after a late start (they used gps) and found all the busy routes they arrived, loading took about 3 hours. we left a bit ahead of them.  our possessions arrived late (a blowout on the freeway). we had arrived in the afternoon, it was early evening by the time the moving truck pulled up to the door. the poor guys bringing our belonging were having a very long day and we’re probably regretting this job.  they had to wait for a specialized truck to repair one of the dual tire before heading on to hope. we fed them donuts and coffee from Tim’s, it was also all we had for supper that night.  by the time the truck was unloaded (we told them to load all the boxes in the garage to speed up the process) it was nearly 8 p.m. that night we dropped the mattress to the floor and crashed for the evening.


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