bad business…bcaa

we’ve been customers with bcaa for about 20 years…though it matters little to them.  we purchased  a home and out of loyalty to them bought our home insurance through them.  when we sold, we expected to continue with them as we have always been treated well and fairly.  how times change!  our home sold quickly, well before our new home would be ready…the fees for insuring our stored possession, virtually everything we owned along with coverage of our few possession while living in our temporary accommodation at a hotel in vancouver were essentially usury.  we tried to figure out why but the agent had a poor command of english and did not offer any satisfactory explanation for the extremely high rate.  now that our house is nearly ready we asked for a change to our policy back to home coverage.  wow!  what an outrageous amount.  we found a policy almost $400 less with equal or better coverage.  when we cancelled they charged us an additional $180 for cancellation.  this even though we had told them we were in a transition period prior to signing on.  so much for their public goodwill persona. we do not recommend bcaa for home insurance.



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