madrone woodwork inc.

recommendation! were in the process of fixing up our kitchen and needed some adjustment done to a couple of kitchen cabinets. sure that it would get done i told my partner not to worry, i’d find someone. lo and behold luck/fate was on my side. after calling a couple of other woodwork operation i landed on madrone woodwork inc. via google maps.
the guy at the other end was super friendly, assured me they could get the job done in time for the delivery of appliances. off goes my partner the next morning, comes home and says they were great, friendly professional and firm with the price quoted to me. our cupboards were ready the next day. nice job, nice price, nice people. my partner says they were super nice to deal with. give em a try, they do all sorts of fine woodwork or low end like our entry level cabinets. woodworking burnaby b.c.


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