domestic bliss…

last day of living alone before the man of my life comes home! so clean up is on the agenda, washed pots and pans, tidied up living room, take a break to indulge in the glow from the fireplace as the snow starts to come down. it’s grey outside as soft flakes blow about in the breeze. atop the pilings the canada geese squawk at each other as they battle on for mates. i’ve set my pentax up for the day by the window. i’ve put on my new remote so i can fire away if something worth shooting comes into view. i really want to capture the geese flapping about.

take garbage to the bins..brrrrr. get the vacuum out..more fireplace viewing. have cbc radio on for background, something i don’t get to do too often. it’s still the one place i know you can learn everything you ever want to know if you listen often enough.

the ponds have been frozen over for several days now, they have turned white as the snow starts to accumulate.

tidy up the tools that have been sitting in a tray on the buffet for too long. the vacuum is just sitting there…not sure it will get a workout. the bed is next…and a tidy up of the bedroom (it’s not that far from the laundry basket…all of it mine).

lunch, hot soup, hot chocolate, nice fire.


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