…with apologies to the neanderthals who were a kind loving lot, or so i’m told.

in the last few days it seems all of the stone-agers have surfaced. first i’m taking in a lecture and am forced to listen to a “presentation” from the past by an “informed” specialist who is still living in the 70’s. when i hear views that are not open to change on environmental issues and the use of spin that most youngsters have seen through ages ago it leaves me agape!  when i’m told that we’re getting the latest in open communications, with ideas that were shelved years ago by most progressives,  but are still fresh for this leader.  pray for the gods of enlightenment to help us.

perhaps it comes from the top! on friday i see a story where a citizen puts forth a discussion to one of our provincial leaders (bill bennett)  on tourism and the environment and he receives a reply that he is bigoted and ignorant. so much for open mindedness and intellectual pursuit.

then there’s the oily-impics.  our government is now making efforts to stop all protests visible.  on that note: here are some good news sites: povertynative, david and goliath, watching

happy sunday everyone.


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