ebay & ups

learning the ins and outs of ebay could take a lifetime (or a good chunk of mine).   i’ve been stung twice now with shipping and brokerage charges, when the seller uses UPS which i always thought was part of the excited states postal service…well was i wrong or what!  ups, for those as uniformed as me, is united parcel service.  i am sure it must be an arm of some brokerage company as it collects the most exorbitant fees. they add customs, brokerage, delivery fees, etc…even though there is no duty due on the item. i.e.  amazon.com will ship a ton of stuff and there will no charges other than postage.  ups will ding you for both duty and brokerage fees for delivery of same items.  ups,  in fact,  is the only delivery service,  other than shipments purchased overseas, that appears to have the extra fees.

the use of ups is so ubiquitous that i have now taken to excluding ups from my searches using the advanced search feature on ebay. this helps  to remove as many sellers as possible from the results.  it’s not a 100% but it helps. protect your wallet,  make sure the seller is using usps or fedex


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