chic flicks

saturday night and i’m watching the tail end of first wives club. oddly it is absorbing, funny and insightful…or so it seems.  a movie critic i ain’t.

self discovery is a bit disconcerting. i spent part of the day walking in the fog that has draped vancouver for several days now.  me, my camera and my old shoe stopped often to take photos, read the billboards  (nature, history and lost lagoon.)   we absorbed and tried to see through the mist for another beauty,  masked in grey the subtleties of nature, the softening of steel and concrete and the slow motion of runners, cyclists and others strolling in the enveloping shroud.

the fog is bitterly cold,  we arrive on denman as the sun becomes visible through the towers along georgia street.  a silver orb making every effort to burn the chill out of the mist, alas to no avail.

searching for a warm retreat we find a small pizza shop with a couple of tables and view of the passersby.  refreshed and warmed we go onward to finish our grocery shopping, then home with grub, a bottle of wine and some fresh flowers, daffodils have arrived!

later,  as i unload my photos and do a quick edit, searching them for the sense of mystery and beauty the walk had revealed,  i  am happy to discover my sense of composition and ability to capture the mood of the day.


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