like wow, like i went to school and like it was like the worst day ever,  like how could that happen.

thus went the conversation next to me as i scarfed down my shwarma and oj.  what caught my attention was the ongoing reference to their scholarships and attending western washington university!  what was the scholarship for?  i can’t believe it had anything to do with academic skill. i suspect baton twirling.  or not! . sadly this is all too common and try as i might, i can’t get past the laziness of chatter these days.  what has happened to sentence structure and complete thoughts?

Un commentaire sur « like »

  1. like… it’s gone dude. it like, doesn’t get taught anymore.

    In all honesty, let’s hope that they’re not studying to be lawyers because that would spell trouble. (if they can spell trouble that is)

    Like… totally!



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