ebay ethics

…or the lack of. i’ve made many purchases on ebay over the years and it has always bothered me that so many sellers have a streak of greed that leaves a bad taste when dealing with them. i’m speaking of the unnecessary practice of using u.s. dollars for canadian or other country transactions (i shop worldwide.) i find even more repugnant, the practice of hiking the postal rates to gain extra dollars, often this borders on criminal, i’m sure, as many buyers are not aware they are being stolen from or at the very least lied to.

i know, buyer beware and i am aware long before i make a bid that this is the case. just had to blow it off as i bought an inexpensive, used digital camera to haul around in my pack for 20$ u.s. from alberta and will pay an additional 20$ u.s. for postage (the actual rate will be close to 10$ cdn. for express post.) too bad!


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