damn the disabled

caught the c23 davie today in front of the cn station. this was a handy stop to learn of as it’s a great location (sky train, amtrak, greyhound, pcl to victoria, science world, cosco, bc place, chinatown and yaletown).  sadly there was a young mother with two small children and a third infant in a stroller.  because translink could not bother to send out staff to clear the paths for entry and exits to the buses.  large piles of packed snow/ice prevent the disabled or able with strollers and push chairs to get on or off the bus,  particularly if they needed to use the lifts and electronic ramps.  during this experience the driver would not help the woman lift the stroller onto the lift (likely a union rule) the ramp was about 4 inches from the sidewalk surface, i offered to lift the stroller, but the women, being quite able hauled it up herself. had she not done this i think the driver would have simply left her there, shivering in the cold as evening descended with her three small children.

can’t wait for a snow day during the 2010 winter olympics:)


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