transit in winter

there is not a lot of difference in vancouver between summer and winter. a little more rain and cooler days. however, transit users never change, like flies, they just get slower. the recent addition of new buses seems to have them completely baffled; the buses have two steps at the back! this is somehow a barrier that most can’t seem to figure out, resulting in a huge congestion at the front of the bus as the dimwits refuse to advance or retreat, often assuming that if they all huddle around the back door they’ll be out of the way. most nights on the way home i find empty seats and standing space for at least a half dozen more souls left stranded on the sidewalk cuz the bus is “full” or so the driver’s wants to believe as it is rare for them to make much effort to enlighten the twits. i can’t wait for the olympics or bus rage where some irate passenger stranded in the rain loses it and comes on board with both barrels blazing.


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