we had a nice lazy start to the day, getting up late and having breakfast at the station as our hotel had a large bus tour and was too busy for us to enjoy breakfast.

a two hour train ride through the country to salzburg which is on the border of germany and the beginning of the alps. a quick taxi to our hotel which is better than expected, in fact it is fantastic!
it is near to everything, an easy walk to all the sights.

salzburg is ubelievably beautiful, it is one big postcard and every corner has a new vista, almost all of them historic and dating between 1200 and 1600’s. some more recent or rebuilt following the war are as astounding as the older ones.

this is mozartville with a capital m there are references to him everywhere and there are at least two homes where he lived during his time here.

saltzburg is quite small, at least the historic old town is, and we covered a large portion of it on our first day here. timing is everything and we feel lucky that we waited until now to travel as even though the crowds are still significant, we’ve heard that in summer you often have to line up to get into sights and restaurants.

overall the people are quite friendly and helpful, we even met a women by the name of kristina wilk, an impresario who is currently handling the salzburg festival. she was quite delightful (think dr. ruth) she dropped a few names of people she knows, like governor arnie and seigi osawa, the conductor. she also enlightened us on the social side of salzburg, the politics and background of the new right who seem to have a strong foothold here. as she said they come out of the cellars to ferment dissent whenever they can. the big thing right now is the pending funeral of haider the extreme right wing leader killed in a car accident last week. apparently all the far right is organizing to attend.

back to the bright side, we had great sunny weather again after a day of rain in castle country, and really have enjoyed the day. this was highlighted of course by the food… any weight we may have lost will be put back on in short order. schnitzel, strudel and beer… of course.

guten nacht.



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