a day with julie

after some excellent schnitzel, strudel and beer and a good nights sleep we awoke to the perfect day. clear blue skies with not a cloud in sight. the hotel breakfast was pretty decent but we had to pay 10 euro each for the pleasure, but after such a nice place we can’t complain. we had packed before breakfast so other than a last few minute details we checked out and took our luggage to the train station and stuck it in a locker for the day.

next stop the sound of music tour! known as the som in salzburg where it provides a living for a significant number of people, though none of them apparently like the movie because of its fabrications (i.e. hollywood), however it has been going strong for over 40 years and shows no signs of slowing down, particularly with american and japanese tourists and the odd canadian.

the bus was packed to the hilt with about 80 paying passengers at 37 euro a head. we had the typical jovial and corny guide, but he was funny at times and much more likable than the schultz, our tour guide in munich (so i lied – this was our last bus tour.) the tour covers lots of the sites from the movie including the houses, various settings and the glass gazebo. we were also taken to the lake district outside of salzburg where the opening scenes were shot and given a chance to walk around the small town where “maria and the captain” were married and the beautiful church used in the ceremony.

all in all quite a bit of fun and we didn’t have to sing along; they did however play the tunes from the movie. after returning to salzburg we did one last tour of sights we wanted to see including a couple of spots from the movie the bus didn’t go to.

we wish we had more time to visit as the town has too much history, museums, events (music concerts and plays everywhere every night it seems.)

back to the station and onto a train to innsbruck. We met an interesting older couple who lived in kitzbul and were taking advantage of the saturday senior discount which lets them travel around austria for only 7 euro. they knew canada, having been with a traveling group of performers doing traditional folk songs and dance and had toured north america. one of their sons was an olympic athlete who had been in three olympics and won a bronze and then a silver at the calgary olympics the worlds a year later in the nordic combined. They ran a ski school in kitzbul and had known steve podborski as a child having had him in one of ther classes.

Innsbruck was not what i had envisioned, a small and quaint ski town! wrong! it is a major city and getting there in the early evening was a mistake as all we saw were empty streets and no charm, something austria has in abundance and we’re sure was just around the next corner had we gone further. we stopped at a local eatery for our last delicious but artery- clogging meal before boarding the night train to rome. we hope the clackty clack and gentle rocking will do the trick and give us a good nights rest.

guten nacht.



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