mein gott were not in kansas anymore!

here we are in beautiful munich after a rather uneventful train trip…a one hour stopover in stuttgart and a decent breakfast on the train. i don’t even want to talk about paris.

munich is interesting, what we’ve seen this afternoon, which is not a lot as we visited an exhibit of walt disney showing at a local museum, ironically an exhibit we missed in paris two years ago and well worth the wait. artists from albert durer to dali and several other notables in between. it was quite a good show with some great art, from the disney studios –original drawing and cellwork, backgrounds, etc. — and the artists who influenced them from many years back as well as some great childrens’ stories and fairytales in the first editions that uncle walt collected on a trip to europe back in the 30’s.

afterwards we took a stroll through the two main platz and saw some great architecture. we also stopped in for a quick beer in the one of the parks before heading off for supper at a very nice restaurant and my first taste of steak tartare (excellent) with some reisling for a chaser. the waiter, host and hostess were great and helped us with everything from how to eat the steak tartare to menu choices and sights to see in munich.

the next few messages will likely be short and have few if any pictures as i’m having to pay for my internet at this hotel… but breakfast is included!

guten nacht.


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