it’s an odd day. a little bit of this and little bit of that.

we started out around 9 a.m. with a plan to do a little shopping, starting with galleries lafayette which is an incredibly large store made up of at least 4 buildings that we could see, maybe more. then on to rue de rivoli where there are many stores including bhv, samaritain and others. rick ends up with a new jacket and … a scarf! and i get a new pullover … and scarf number 5 or 6?

we take a stroll through les halles, now a modern shopping centre but historically the market centre of paris. nearby is a huge old church, saint-eustace which i’d visited before but was new to rick. it has a remarkable high ceiling and beautiful windows and paintings. it is surrounded by many pieces of modern art and the promenade or gardens of les halles. next to it is the bourse de commerce a circular building from the 1700’s.

back home to do some last minute shopping for baguettes etc., as paris is shut down on sunday. we’re also in need of a rest before heading out this evening for the long overdue visit to the eiffel tower for some night shots and a ride on the seine in one of the many tour boats. only two more full days in paris!

the trocadero is packed with parisiennes and tourists who come to see the eiffel tower lit up. there are hawkers everywhere, concessions stand for candy floss, crepes – sweet or savory and miscellaneous souvenir booths scattered about. people playing music – drums and guitars and generally having a great time.

the boat cruise was packed, unlike our last outing when we were two of the four paying customers. tonight the river was like the streets of paris, packed with boat traffic, all of them full of sightseers, diners and loads of party boats – weddings and the like. it was enjoyable but a bit chilly – also we’d done it before and i’d have liked to go in the day time to get some good shots from the river. the quays and bridges are crowded with folks out for the night, drinking, groups playing music (some with large audiences) and others just enjoying the city.

heading home at 11 p.m. and the metro is as busy as it is during the day. as we walk home from our stop there are parties going on, people sitting at the bistros that dot the street and diners having a late night meal. the sound of a sax drifted down from someone’s apartment as we neared ours – i thought it so parisian and the perfect end to the day.

bonsoir. paris oct 11/08



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