slow day

not much to add for today.

rick is busy finishing the bio of marie antoinette and planning a visit back to the musee carnavalet. me, i spent the morning standing in line, first at a bank that doesn’t do cash! but does give me directions to the post office which does. all post office employees seem to have a particular skill at being both slow and obstreperous in such a way as to raise your blood pressure before you reach them. i won’t go into detail but the person i dealt with was particularly skilled.

picked up bread and some savory for lunch.

a quick visit to the galleries lafayette to do some shopping…to no avail, too hot to linger about, the store is huge and has a fantastic dome (i’ll get pictures). off in search of les toilettes…this time an honest to god crapper with a door and free to boot! i’m definitely over any bashful kidney anxieties, the other day i had my shoes washed by the cleaning lady while i was still taking a leak 🙂

picked up a few odd items while strolling through parts of the left bank, a little contemplation in a gorgeous old church (saint-séverin) then back home to make supper.

supper: omelette and a fantastic tasting potatoes and cheese concoction i picked up at the fromagerie next door. it looks like a huge gallette while it is being cooked in an incredibly large pan which is a least a metre across. the pot is out on the sidewalk and everyone walking buy gets a look and free smells (great sales pitch) it consists of sliced potatoes, creme fraiche, garlic, and a cheese, i did not get the name of the cheese. you ask for the amount you want which is ladled with a spatula into a small wooden box to take home. a fresh baguette and a decadent desert from the pâtisserie…and wine too.

p.s. i left the apartment key in the door and ended up locking myself out of our building which requires two sets of codes to get in if you don’t have a key. i stood patiently on the street until a woman and her kids came home before i could get in.

bon soir.



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