ride'em cowboy

it was another slow day for us, conserving our energy so we can keep the colds at bay. laundry and homework…what a way to start the day. no interruptions though so got most of it done.

we made a trip to the trocadero (the wanna be rome, cum fascist block building or modified caesar imperialism). it’s still a magnificent site with its towering structure, brooding statues and cascades of waterfalls (mostly turned off) and the view! wow what a view! we were so impressed we’re going back tonight after my class to see the eiffel tower all lit up, close and personal. from the trocadero it feels like it is on top of you, quite different from when you are on the champs de mars. we’ll probably take a late night ride to the top.

after another quick trip on our favourite bus 69 and a walk through the garment district (or what we think it was) all along the rue chemin vert and side streets are tons of small stores all with import export and what appeared to be exclusively asian operators with buyers going in and out with large bags of goods. i was out looking for an affordable sports coats…still looking. hopped on the 69 again, the cheapest tour bus in paris, we stopped in at the louvre to buy our 6 day museum pass. we are so fortunate to be able to do this as most visitors only have a week or two. believe me it is nearly impossible to do paris and the musuems and do either justice. we both selected a different mix of museums, not always going in the same direction so we’ll catch up with each other at the end of the day.

tomorrow we both go to versailles, it should be awesome as we did not get a chance last time. i’m not sure what i’m looking forward to more, the rooms of the palace or riding a bike through the park and gardens…go figure.

did i mention my ride on the carousel? they are everywhere and always enchant me…thus so many pictures of them. the ride was quite fun and i was the only rider…ya-hooo 🙂



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