one of us is down with a serious cold and the other is feeling a bit lazy. none of this matters too much, the weather is holding with a cool sunny day – it really is autumn. the day too is quiet with only the chatter of the neighbourhood, background noises: music, cars, the sound of pots and pans, kids playing etc. those sounds that can lull you to sleep.

i took brief shot at the centre of town earlier this morning but other than some street art and general people watching it was a non activity day. the most interesting experience i had was an open air market at the bastille. it felt like thousands and maybe was, you’ve got to be comfortable being close to each other here. because of the close proximity of the stalls and the bustle of shoppers reaching for this and that there is no way to avoid touching and being touched (riding the metro is similar.) you can buy every type of food and wine imaginable as well as cds, shirts, jewelry etc. the market was about two blocks long with two rows of colourful canvas covered stalls spread between the street, trees and benches of the incredibly wide centre boulevard. it really felt like you were out shopping, chatting with strangers and the sellers trying to lure you to their produce with quick talk sales pitches.

i made a brief foray into the left bank (looking for the bon marche) to shop but found everything is closed big and small alike. only a few boulangeries and cafes are open on sundays. i did see some incredible art through a gallery window and realized what wealth can get you: the most beautiful vase for about 7 thousand euro and it looked like it was worth it. paris definitely has some high end stores, it is not uncommon to see shoe stores with prices for mens’ and womens’ shoes in the thousand of euros along with all the other fashion items. oh well…more pay would be nice?

street art abounds in paris and i’m always amazed that it is so diverse and fantastic. even the fountains are more creative than practical. i saw one breaking out of the ground as though the street tiles had been pushed up into a mound at odd angles, the water barely visible only the sound of it splashing. i hope to go back on the same route as i did not take the camera (a day off) and want to capture everything i see.

after another frustrating toilette search at the bastille (1 public toilette 11 million people and it was out of order!!!!) i made my way back home as shopping was not an option.

as i said, it’s a lazy day. read a little, nap a little, be french and enjoy the day.

bon soir.


2 commentaires sur « dimanche »

  1. Hello! Sounds like you are having a ton of fun. I loved the Bon Marche — I bought a madelaine pan there. Of course I can’t find a madelaine recipe that works!



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