medieval provins

what a great day! a pleasant train ride for an hour and twenty minutes each way for only 32 euros round trip for both. the day was sunny as we passed through what felt like the prairies only the villages were more interesting. the grain elevators were pretty well the same with the odd architectural creativeness.

provins was a complete fluke, we found it early last year when researching medieval sites. it was completely charming, full of ancient houses leaning at all angles holding each other up. the streets twist there way up the hillside to a walled older town with many intact buildings dating back to the 1100’s. we climbed caesar’s tower, perhaps the best castle type building i’ve ever been in. the structure of the bell tower was amazing with original great wooden supports and two bells one much larger than the other. thank goodness my butt is not bigger than it is as one of the stairways to the top was no wider than my shoulders or behind. at the top we had a great view of the town and the land beyond. the rest of the structure was void of decoration but was a great architectural example of early masonry skills. an equally old church, town square and houses really gave a sense of how life was 500 years ago. we walked through the old town and onto the walls that surround the city, it was quite unique as many of the towers have different shapes. the two main gates were at least 10 or 15 meters thick with a road wide enough for a single car. we had a pleasant lunch in the town square: pate and a main course something like chicken cordon bleu and a glass of wine. for rick a chicken salad and shaved fresh beef made into a pattie…not mcdonalds for sure! afterward we walked down to the “new” town, which looked as ancient as the medieval town and just as enjoyable. take a look at the pictures, i’m sure you’ll agree.

chinese take out for dinner with wine…of course.



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