a day to stroll

we spent the morning per usual…i don’t think you can tire of croissants? we did a rick steves’ walk down a very small street named rue cler. it is noted for its’ outdoor market extending from the store fronts. everything you need to prepare a meal and stock the kitchen is available in the equivalent of a long city bloc, charming but not that special as every neighbourhood has similar streets some more interesting than this.

for lunch we picked up sandwiches and pastries to take with us to luxembourg gardens where we sat by a very colourful garden, put up our feet and fed the birds (they were not shy…land on your hand to peck at the crumbs). the garden and fountains are very beautiful particularly with the hint of fall colour coming on. the aristos may have lost their heads but they sure left a lot of beautiful architecture, art and gardens. with time to spare we headed for the catacombs but were disappointed to find it cost too much for something that was not compelling on our list of to-do’s. maybe later if time permits and it’s a dull day.

supper at home and then out to a movie (mama mia….again!!) great sound all in english with sub titles…i considered it a french lesson (translation not too literal). the latest we’ve stayed out in a long time. the area we are living in is noted for its many cinemas. there seems to be a constant mix of french, american and other european films playing in every complex.

bon soir.


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