notre dame cathedral

laundry was more interesting than expected…after i found it that is. my language skills fail me every now and then…it is tres tres important to be very specific with the words. thank goodness my mime skills still work. everyone who came in offered pleasantries and helped with instructions. a women who’s name i neglected to get spent the entire time with me, speaking mostly in english but helping with my french lessons. she was multi-lingual and was currently studying mongol!! a pleasant hour or so for early monday morning. rick did breakfast before i left…i.e. a quick trip to the boulangerie. we’re eating well but i actually think i’m losing weight?

it’s official, rick has a « man bag » (a murse?) and very attractive to boot. he may be frenchified before we leave though he is resisting the ubiquitous scarf. perhaps italy will win him over for fashion.

our outing today was notre dame cathedral again for a visit vs attending mass. however, there was a mass going on…four times a day and each one seems to have a new colour for the vestments (this one was very vibrant in red) to our surprise, it was much busier than we remembered from our visit in 2006, but it is monday and most museums are closed so the church probably has more visitors than normal. it was nice to go through it again, including the treasury (boy do they like gold and jewels…you bet!!). i took many photos in RAW format so i can improve on them when we get home and give (hopefully) a truer picture (i think thats a pun?). we’ll go back later to climb the tower again and rick would like to do the rick steves audiotour for more details. (i just want to shop some more).

we indulged ourselves in some unbelievably tasty ice cram and sorbet before wandering around isle st. louis admiring the old neighbourhood (one of the priciest in paris) some houses date to the early-mid 1600. back home for a simple supper before i head off for school and rick for another round of history on isle de cite. we’ll get the pictures up, but not sure how they will look in RAW format.

it’s always nice to come home to a fresh bottle of wine:) and exotic chocolates purchased on isle st louis….hey it’s france!

bon soir.


3 commentaires sur « notre dame cathedral »

  1. I believe that while you’re in France, Rick’s « murse » can actually be called a European carry-all…however, when he returns to Canada all bets are off.


  2. Sounds like Ritchie is coveting Rick’s murse. I’d tell Rick to keep an eye on it when he comes back…I won’t even comment on Ritchie’s pashmina.



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