the setting was awesome and the music was great, even the costumes were above average. no, alice, we’re not on broadway! …sunday mass at notre dame cathedral. all kidding aside it was a pleasant experience to sit through a full mass even though we understood little of it (sort of like the peasants a few years back when it was all done in latin) i imagine many were tourists like us, but the place was packed. our friends georgette and her husband irwin were there but we did not see them. after mass we walked down the seine past the conciergerie and into the courtyards of the louvre before wandering down the tuileries and an outrageous lunch (price wise) a bottle of water 4.90 euro and a mediocre sandwich for another 8 euro all told we paid 24 euro for what should have cost 10. (slow learners)

as you’ll see i took many pictures of statues that flank the promendade, a dramatic contrast of classic and modern.

back home we took a well deserved nap so as to be alert when we met georgette and irwin for a drink on the blvd st. germaine. a nice visit comparing notes and plans for the rest of our journeys.

rick and i headed back to the marais, planning to have supper at a restaurant we ate at on our last trip: boj on rue caron, only to arrive as they were closing for the night. we ended up at an italian joint on another little side street of the rue rivoli. the food was ok, but the scenery was exceptional as it was a popular with all the beautiful people, we may have been the oldest there. yes, we had wine (italian of course). off home and preparing for laundry day in the morning:(

bon soir,


One thought on “confession

  1. Hmm, was your dinner cooked by a little rat named, Remy by any chance? ;)BTW, don’t forget to hit that Scottish restaurant called McDonald’s. In case you need some help ordering simply ask for, “Le Big Mac, une Royale avec du fromage, les pomme frites et un Coke, merci beaucoup!”Take a picture. You can thank me some other time for the french lesson.


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