carnavalet redux

a leisurely start to the day (if you call waking at 6 every morning leisurely!) coffee and a walk before the boulangerie opens for our daily quota of baguette and croissants.

we’re of to the musee carnavalet again to wrap up our first visit. there is so much to see and we felt short changed yesterday by the sheer number of rooms and time needed to see them. mostly we wanted to relive the revolution and follow along the incidents and outcomes as they happened. this is the beauty of the carnavalet, as it is a chronological display of events making it easy to get wrapped up in the moment.
all i could think of was what a lazy bunch we are in the west! we often think we’re progressive, but the french were far ahead and still are when it comes to politics and the values we espouse but rarely demonstrate. demonstrate is what the french do! they get out and protest-then and now. in the excited states and increasingly so in canada we have the perversion of the church and an increasing elitism of government and business controlling our lives yet no one seems to give much of a damn. vive le france.

anyway it was nice to complete the tour and see most (not all) of the exhibits. afterwards we strolled down the rue des rosiers only to realize it is the sabbath for jews and most businesses were closed. we did manage to find a sandwich shop and a nearby park to sit and relax surrounded by kids playing. we were also serenaded by the organist in a church next door (ah paris!)

we finished lunch and headed of to do some basic shopping for socks and underwear…i bought my shirts the day before (my boss will think them a bit wild) rick was the shopper at BHV as i could not bring myself to spend so much on such essentials. it was fun to go through the store (segregated into two buildings, one for men, the other for women). i ended up at monoprix (think zellers) for a much cheaper bunch of socks.

after a trip home for a rest (rick that is) i took yet another stroll through the neighbourhood and discovered yet more unique corners and places to shop.

to end the day we took a walk through montparnesse cemetary which is only a few hundred metres from where we live. (not as interesting as pere lachaise) but novel in that it has a segregated section dedicated to jews. a roundabout walk home down some new streets full of busy parisiennes shopping before everything closes on sunday. picked up some food (and more wine!)

bon soir.



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