second visit in two years! the good and the bad…(bad) they had scaffolding up around a big chunk of the cathedral (good) i took so many pictures on the last trip i didn’t care. it was a glorious day, sunny with a cool breeze (took way too many pictures again)

we walked through the old medieval part of town, something we did not do on the last trip. it was quite pretty with a slow moving river complete with swans and old buildings. it was novel to see buildings with boat storage under them from such a long time past. the town is old, but not as « ancient » looking as some of the other old towns we’ve been to in the past. turns out that a few hundred years back the government wanted them to plaster over the old wood frame buildings to reduce fires. now they want the owners to peel away the plaster to make them more quaint!

inside the cathedral the organist was going full out and played for an hour or more. many of the relics and other items we saw on the last visit were in storage during the renovations. still a truly impressive place and the stained glass windows are awesome, something the camera just can’t capture.

before leaving we had supper in a restaurant across from the cathedral. i had the biggest bucket of mussels that you could imagine and wine of course. rick stuck to steak and pommes frites! and wine of course.

a nice quiet train ride back to paris to do this write up and load today’s photos.

bon soir.



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