day of the dead

who says you can’t take it with you? the old wealth of paris and others have found a way! an amazing tour of pere lachaise cemetery took up the best part of our day and was worth the wait. an incredible array of gravestones, sepulchers and small to major mausoleums house the body…not sure about the soul as i’m sure some of the ostentation was a payoff for past sins!

it was fascinating to see the beauty of such a sombre place, the cobbled roads, the unknown silence, a strange peace all accompanied by falling autumn leaves and a crisp breeze. the most moving were the several memorials to the concentration camps of world war two along with other memorials to french resistance over the many decades. (we’re not a nice species when it comes to respecting each other)

we took another extended walk in the hood, stepping outside the comfort zone into some of the less well heeled areas with low income housing but still a pretty pleasant environment with parks, great play areas for kids and and great alleys of old cobbled streets too narrow for more than a small car and old buildings converted to quaint homes.

first night of french class. a real international mix of german, austrian and canadians learning the lingo. fun to be downtown at night when all the younger crowd comes out. a very late supper at home and wine….cheap wine, water cost more!

tomorrow chartres. bon soir


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