Day 1, 2, 3

DAY 1:
we’ve arrived! the flight was uneventful other than an extremely chatty (dare i say) dumb blond that i was stuck next to (stuck being the key word here) as KLM has great efficiency in squeezing way too many sardines (people) into a tin can. for 9 endless hours with brief naps and attempts to escape behind my earphones and a book, i was regaled with the most boring self centred conversation i can remember (knew everything and had done nothing). her husband had to good sense to never speak to her the entire trip. rick on the other hand was graced by a couple, who either did not speak english, or chose not to. neither of us got much sleep and we’re still unwinding from positions only known in the kama sutra:) the dutch really know how to maximize space.

DAY 2:
after a delightful wait on the tarmac we finally arrived at amsterdam’s schiphool airport and cleared customs and a long mad dash to the next flight! no waiting, get on, take off, arrive paris 45 minutes later.

ah paris! it feels like we never left. familiar sights and memories as we ride in on the air france bus. our apartment in montparnesse is great. the fellow renting the apartment (marc) turns out to be a canadian from montreal. he is an attache to the canadian ambassador and a very charming guy. the neighbourhood is too good to believe, everything we need and charm to boot.

i crash by 7 p.m. for a good 10 hour sleep, however, rick is off to explore and have dinner. he lucks out at a nice little italian place where the food is decent and they treat him to free booze (who sez the french are unpleasant). DAY 3:
105 pictures (in need of edits) and a walk down the champs elysees. we filled the day visiting familiar areas: the arc de triomphe, bastille, eiffel tower, and home for dinner at a nearby eatery and a pleasant evening stroll through the neighbouhood. a lot calmer and cleaner than vancouver these days. other than the metro, we did not see any street people, drunks or junkies. more to come…please stand by. bon soir!


Un commentaire sur « Day 1, 2, 3 »

  1. Hi,Glad to hear you both made it over safe and sound! looks like you have already covered alot of territory!Great photos! Look forward to following your travels.Russ



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