Quelle horreur!

just before noon on thursday, august 28 the news arrived from home. a short, “this is important” (i’m prone to saying i’m busy i’ll call you back) so he got my attention right away! zoom airlines had gone under (not down)! my boss was great and i was on my way home in minutes to start plan b (i didn’t know i had a plan b:) 3 1/2 hours of frantic searches on every travel and flight search engine i could find, as well as airlines sites we came up with an option that was affordable.

at 3:30 we marched down to the travel agent at the end of our street and waited while they did the rest of the crunching and came up with a final tally! only $80 more! we’re now in economy but who cares! KLM comes through and we get a bit of extra time in europe…two days to be exact and a few hundred more for hotels (and a side trip to holland). our bank sez they will pick up the tab on our credit card but will take 45 days to process (they probably want to save on interest?). i feel that we’re pretty lucky compared to many who have been hit much harder, both in dollars and inconvenience. one of my coworkers is stuck in england with two kids and is scrambling to find a flight back.


One thought on “Quelle horreur!

  1. Quelle horreur! is an understatement! OMIGOD! What a friggin’ nightmare! I’m glad it all worked out! Lookimg forward to checking in on your site and living vicariously thru you guys! Have a ton of fun! I hiope that was your last big glitch in your trip!


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