tauromachie – to go or not – that is the question?

where is the time going? almost august and not much left to do in the way of planning. insured for the trip…it sucks to be 60 (insurance wise that is) i’m fitter than most and yet for a change of one year my rate more than doubled. the sim card for europe arrived from telestial it even offers toll free calling from canada to europe (the bill ends up on my phone…so don’t bother, we’ll call you). set up on my new laptop with ubuntu and windows xp pro.

we’ve discovered the chance to go to a bullfight in nimes when we are there…do we go? unfortunately all the dates have a killing and i’m not sure either of us have the stomach for it. yet, it would be unique experience never having seen a live bullfight and all the colour and ritual associated with it…and the matadors of course!

i’ve used great restraint and will not bring the suitcases upstairs until august:)


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